Training and experience flights

So you have jumped into the backseat with us or have since read up about gyroplanes, and now wish you had discovered them sooner and want to fly one yourself?

Well, you are in luck: Following the appearance in the UK of factory built gyroplanes, there has been a veritable explosion of clubs and instructor schools up and down the country

With an instructor you will get a more complete introduction, such as flying a number of manoeuvres, typically covering fast flight, slow flight, hovering, vertical descents, tight turns, take-off and landing (with a bit of normal “just flying around” too!) to show you the capabilities of a gyro. 

With an instructor you also have the option of sitting in the front seat, and a commercial flight experience can also count towards your initial gyroplane training should you wish to become a pilot yourself.

Luck has it that there are several gyro schools not far from Oxford itself. For example Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke provides training and experience flights in a variety of gyroplanes, including the one you will have just flown in with us.

Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke

Gyroplane school offering instruction and flight experiences